About Us

Pyronex Limited is an unlisted public company formed to solve the problem of dealing with problematic wastes such as “end of life” tyres and plastics.

Pyronex is an integrator of advanced waste to energy technologies that provides a more environmentally conscious, greener approach for the energy and fuels industry. Our innovative technology on project development and the build-out of energy recovery solutions recovers the embedded chemical components from these waste streams that is oil, carbon black and steel.

Our Vision

Our vision is founded on merging intellectual property, skills and a shared determination to be the leader in the UK in the creation of energy (electricity or liquid fuels) and the manufacturing of Carbon Black through solving the problem of processing waste by pyrolysis and liquefaction without creating additional landfills – a zero waste solution from problematic wastes.

This vision is delivered through already proven global deployments in the patented and uniquely scalable modular technology. Integral to this vision is the technology strategic partnership with the pyrolysis equipment manufacturer in a turnkey architecture to design, build, install, commission, train and transfer the plants with an ongoing alliance in technology innovation, skills development, quality programs and in-house ‘forward access’ to product development and product updates.

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