Carbon Black

Versatile, High Quality Manufacturing Applications

The Pyronex rCB grades will be developed jointly with ARTIS Labs, under a specific deliverables contract that will produce ASTM target variants in versatile replacements for multiple furnace carbon black grades used in tyres and rubber compound products, that will offer technical performance benefits in several application areas. ARTIS Lab’s expertise and end-customer partnerships in high quality rCB will be integral to refine, validate and certify unique broad primary and aggregate particle size distributions that will provide a much larger degree of versatility compared to any individual furnace grade. This specific product development is where Pyronex and its R&D partners will vest their Intellectual Property.

The manufacturing opportunities for Technical Rubber Goods are in the varied rCB grades that Pyronex will produce and certify to ASTM standards, customised grades that will prove versatile enough as one-to-one replacements for existing “furnace black” grades. Hence the rigorous testing with ARTIS labs to create a revolutionary, green carbon black that is suitable for applications where mechanical and dynamic performance are critical. The fundamental criteria being to provide comparable hardness between N300 and N700 grades with unique reinforcing characteristics and a PAH level below detection limits.

Target rubber goods applications:

– Conveyor belts
– Industrial hoses
– O-Rings and Sealings
– Extrusions
– Engine mounts
– Electrical insulating applications
– Transmission Belts