Todd & Ledson

Philip Waring – Director

“Todd & Ledson are delighted to support Pyronex as a strategic partner in the development of their innovative project portfolio. We’re glad that our extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in supporting clients through the development phases as construction consultants is seen to be adding value to the Pyronex vision”


Steve Marsh – Commercial Director

“As a co-founder of Pyronex, Ener-Vate are an established independent consultancy practice dedicated to the decentralised energy market. Ener-Vate has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the development of investable projects from concept to implementation. Ener-Vate are proud to jointly lead the development and delivery of proven innovative technology within the circular economy and provide truly sustainable solutions that contribute to tackling problematic environmental issues”

Clancy Consulting

Barry Horne – Director

“Clancy are pleased to be working in partnership with Pyronex on this innovative project.  Clancy are proud to provide Structural Design and technical advice in support of this exciting venture.”

Canigou Capital

Justin Passfield – Director

“Canigou Capital are proud to support Pyronex in the development of their circular economy project portfolio. Canigou Capital have an established track record in attracting investment within the renewables and sustainable energy sector and delighted to support the Pyronex team in their deployment of proven technology in tackling problematic environmental issues in a sustainable and innovative manner”

Strategic Advisors

Chris Corina – Investec Bank