Clean Recycled Tyres and Plastics

The Pyronex purpose and context is to achieve a UK technological breakthrough with proven technology by effectively and profitably recycling end of life car tyres (ELTs) into saleable commodities of electricity, diesel, light aviation fuel, carbon black and steel.

Plastics and End of Life car tyres are a blight on the environment ever since they were invented decades ago. Until now no effective means had been found to develop a circular economy to economically recycle them. Grinding up waste tyres to make crumbs or flakes is not a means of recycling tyres as the rubber has not been changed and there is a limit to how much of this material can be used for playgrounds and football fields and using it as a furnace fuel creates noxious greenhouse damaging emissions.

As well as the environmental problem caused by dumps of waste tyres or illegally discarding them in bushland and waterways, after rain they become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a source of dangerous diseases.

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